3 Reasons To Change Your Air Conditioner's Filter On A Regular Basis

If you find that your air conditioner is running a bit sluggish or has simply not been outputting as much cool air as it should be, one of the simplest solutions to these issues is to replace the air conditioner's air filter. Not only will this improve the quality of air in your home, but it will serve to make sure that the air conditioner itself is clean and in good working condition. Read on, and you'll discover a few good reasons to change your air conditioner's air filter on a regular basis.

It Will Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

Among the advantages of having cleaner air in your house include clearer sinuses and being able to breathe with much greater ease. An air filter will prevent any sort of debris, pollution, and other foreign agents from entering your home through the air conditioner and making it difficult for you to breathe. However, it is imperative that you change your air filter on a monthly basis. A dirty air filter will simply allow all of that dirt and debris to enter your home, and can make breathing a difficult task, not to mention that it can also make your home smell a bit mustier.

It Will Improve Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency

An easy trick to lower your monthly utility bill is to replace your air conditioner monthly when it's receiving peak usage – usually during the summer months. Keep in mind that all of the dirt and debris that enter your air conditioner can cause its components to not work as efficiently. As such, that means that your air conditioner will have to expend that much more energy in order to receive the same results that you normally have come to expect from it.

It Will Prevent Damage To The Units Itself And the Ducts

The air filter serves at the primary source of prevention when it comes to keeping out unwanted pollution into your ducts and the unit itself. Debris and foreign objects can attach themselves to your unit's components, which will not only lower their efficiency, but can cause them to wear down at a much greater rate and effectively reduce your air conditioner's shelf life. This debris can also enter the ducts of your air conditioning system. This can be costly to fix if you allow dirt to build up in your ducts over time, as you will have to rely on a professional to clean them.