A Guide To Upgrading Your Truck Security

Trucking is one of the most important business fields, because truck drivers deliver goods that affect the entire balance of commerce and everyday life. Because of this, you need to safeguard your inventory from theft the best that you can. There are a few quality steps that you can follow in order to make sure that your precious cargo is stored and shipped from Point A to Point B without incident. To make this happen, read these tips below and apply them in action. 

Focus On Safe Practices To Circumvent Theft

The most practical thing that you can do is to make sure that you follow safe practices that help you to avoid theft. One of the most practical ways to go about this is to set up routes that are as direct and as safe as possible. Your logistics manager should account for the time of day and crime heavy areas of travel, to eliminate variables that can leave you vulnerable to theft. Additionally, make sure that your drivers are properly trained, and that your truck does not have characteristics that draw attention to the potentially valuable inventory stored inside. These small steps cut out a lot of the risk involved with having your inventory stolen.

Outfit Your Truck With An Alarm System

Another step that you can take is to make sure that your truck is equipped with an alarm system. You should spring for the highest quality alarm system available, complete with the ability to alert emergency personnel. By having this alarm system in place, thieve will be deterred from stealing your inventory. Shop for the alarm system that best suits you and find the best price you can afford. A vehicle alarm system can cost more than $1300, depending on the features that you need.

Hire Trucking Security Personnel

You should also bring in some security guards to patrol the area whenever your truck is stored. Search the background of these security professionals, to make sure that they are used to dealing with this level of merchandise. You might pay upwards of $25 hourly for an armed security guard, or could go a step further by hiring an armed off-duty police officer, for between $40 per hour to more than $60 per hour. Having the security guards in place will go a long way toward protecting your inventory.

Consider these principles and make the right move for protecting your business. For more information, contact companies like Intellex Security.