Protecting Your Child's Ceramic Keepsakes When Moving

If you have several ceramic figurines that you display on top of your child's dresser, and you intend to move to a new home soon, chances are you will want to bring along these memorable items so you can enjoy them in the future. There are several steps you should take when packaging ceramics for a move so they do not become shattered while in transit. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your child's figurines arrive at your new home intact.

Obtain A Sturdy Enclosure For Containment

Your child's figurines will fare best in a plastic storage container with a lid. This will not become crushed while inside of a moving truck and will keep the figurines free from moisture or debris damage as well. If you do not have this type of container available, you can purchase one from a home goods store. Alternately, a cardboard box can be used to house the pieces. It is best to purchase a new cardboard box and construct it on your own. Using a box that was previously used can lead to possible ripping or tearing if it has weakened from the weight of items placed inside in the past.

Protect Each Piece Individually With A Layer Of Air

Use pieces of bubble wrap to wrap around each of the figurines you plan to place inside of your box or container. This will aid in keeping the pieces from rubbing against each other while being transported. The air inside the bubble wrap will protect the pieces from breaking should the container move inside of the moving truck. Wrap bubble wrap around each piece several times so it has enough cushioning to sustain damage. The bubble wrap can be secured with pieces of tape.

Pack Your Wrapped Pieces Inside Your Enclosure

Place several inches of foam peanuts in the bottom of the enclosure you had selected for packing your ceramic pieces. The cushioned pieces can then be placed on top of the peanuts. It is best to leave a few inches between each ceramic figurine when packing. When you have run out of room with your layer of treasures, cover them with a few more inches of foam peanuts. Another layer of ceramic figurines can then be added to the box or plastic tub if desired. Top off your pieces with additional foam peanuts. You can then close the flaps of a cardboard box and secure them with tape, or place a lid on a bin and use tape along the edges for further protection from it opening.

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