How To Make Your Vintage Poster Business Stand Out During Shipping

Collecting and selling vintage posters is a great side niche business. If you gather a lot of collectible items, you can turn it into a full-fledged business where you can reach customers across the globe. If most of your business is done online and you find yourself shipping a lot of merchandise, then you can take advantage of your packaging to make your business more known in a unique way. Here are ways you can make your vintage poster stand out among the crowd during shipping, where it can be seen by many people who are not customers- yet.

Colored shipping tubes

Custom shipping tubes not only give you the ability to choose the strength of the materials you are using to keep your posters free of wrinkling and damage, but they can also help you get your business name and image out there to the world. Choose a vibrant hue, such as hot pink, neon green, or day-glow orange for your shipping tubes and have your business name printed all around the tubing. This way when your customers open their package they can remember your name and branding simply by the grand display you put out.

Custom labeling

Your labeling should be bold so it's easy for the postal service you choose to identify. It should also appeal to the customer to encourage them to return to your business for more awesome vintage posters. Try adding a personal note to your shipping label by addressing the recipient as "The Awesome Mr./Miss (insert name here)," or try using a more vintage term, such as "bodacious," "rad," or "far out." This can incite a smile from your customers while giving people in the handling department of the shipping service an image they can remember to encourage them to perhaps order from you themselves. As always, make sure your shipping label includes your website: you never know who will see it.

Free item

Your custom shipping tube can come with a slot for placing a wrapped sticker with your business name or logo on it that customers can appreciate. They can put them on their laptops, cars, or other items and show off where they get their cool posters from even without saying a word. You can use this creative marketing idea to not only promote your business across the globe, but let your customers know you appreciate them with a free trinket they can readily use.

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