Suggestions For Inexpensive Custom Printed Promotional Items For Your Business's First Trade Show

If your new business is attending its first trade show this summer, then it is important that you purchase some custom promotional items to pass out to those people who visit your booth. Promotional items that are printed with your business's contact and website information serve as reminders about your business's offerings for potential customers once they have gone back home from the trade show. Since you will need many promotional items for the show, here are some suggestions for interesting items that won't break your new business's budget:

Custom Printed Rulers

Rather than the typical pens and stress balls that many businesses pass out at trade shows, instead consider passing out custom printed promotional rulers. When pens run out of ink they are tossed away, but a simple ruler will be on your customer's desks for many years to come. You can have wood or colored plastic rulers customized and they will not take up much space in your booth as you store them. 

Custom Printed Shopping Totes

Since many states are cracking down on the use of single-use plastic shopping bags, custom printed shopping totes make wonderful promotional items to give away at trade shows. Not only will your potential customers use the bags when they shop, but their doing so will also get your name out to other potential customers as they are used. This offers your business some additional free advertising in markets where you may not have any other presence.  

Custom Printed Candle Tins

Everyone's home and business need to have some candles on hand for light when the power goes out. Additionally, many people like to use small unscented candles for relaxation as they take a bath in their hotel rooms after the trade show. For these reasons, custom printed candle tins make nice promotional items for giving out to potential customers at a trade show.

Custom Printed Bottles of Pain Reliever

Finally, since nearly all of the trade show attendees will have sore feet and legs by the end of the day at the show, small custom printed bottles of pain reliever make nice promotional items to pass out to potential customers. Not only will your potential customers appreciate the help with their sore legs and feet, they will likely take the printed bottle back home and place it in a desk drawer. This will ensure that your business name and contact information remains with them for when they need to contact your business.