Why Sand Is A Good Match For A Backyard Swing Set

If you're planning to build a swing set and play area in your backyard, you'll need to cover the ground with a safe material that protects against injury if your kids fall. You could choose rubber mulch, wood mulch, pea rocks, or rubber mats, but a better option could be sand. Here's a look at why sand is a good match for kids and play areas. 

Sand Is Natural And Soft

Sand is a natural material, so you don't have to worry about your kids being exposed to toxic chemicals or the strong smell of rubber. It's not only natural; it's soft and comfortable on bare feet. While wood mulch might be natural too, it isn't comfortable to fall on or sit on, and your kids might even get splinters from the wood. Rocks won't give your kids splinters, but the small rocks used under swing sets can get in shoes and be a nuisance.

Sand Is Fun To Play With

Kids love to play with sand, and they can spend a lot of time digging in the sand and playing in it with their toys. This makes it a perfect match for a play area where you want your kids to spend their free time in the yard. If they get tired of swinging or going down the slide, they can stretch out on the sand and play other games. Sitting on other types of materials such as rubber mulch or mats wouldn't be as fun or as comfortable.

Sand Is Attractive In Your Yard

While attractiveness is a personal opinion, sand is a classic match for a swing set, and it looks natural and attractive in your yard. Other choices such as pea rocks, mulch, and mats may look out of place. Rubber mulch might add some color to your yard, but you may not like the way the artificial material looks. You can't go wrong when you choose sand if you're looking for something that won't affect the appearance of your property in a negative way.

Another good thing about sand is that it is easy to find and affordable. You can buy it by the bag in a home improvement store, but if you're going to have a very large play area, then having sand delivered to your property by truck is a more practical idea. Installing sand is easy too. Build a frame to hold the sand in place and remove the grass from under the swing. Put down landscaping fabric to keep weeds under control and then spread the sand around under the swing set to a depth that will cushion falls and provide enough sand for digging and playing.