5 Awesome Perks To Owning A Franchise: This Could Be Your Ticket

It can be hard to keep going to your nine-to-five job, especially if it doesn't provide an ideal experience for you—especially if you really want to be the person in charge. Here are five awesome perks to owning a franchise that prove this type of operation could be the ticket you've been waiting for: 1. Instant Recognition Of Your Brand Building a brand name is one of the major challenges facing any startup, and doing it successfully can require years of dedication and countless dollars.

3 Considerations to Help You Select the Right Office Chair & Prevent Back Pain

With all the time you spend at work sitting in an office chair and at home sitting at your computer desk, the ergonomics of the office chair you select can have a big impact on the health of your spine and back. Unfortunately, many people spend more money and time selecting an office desk rather than the office chair. When choosing your office chair, it can be tempting to pick one based on how its design, style, and color—but these factors might not enhance your posture.