Tips For Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Keeping your restaurant clean is critical for you to be able to make sure that you are able to attract customers, serve safe food, and generally ensure that everything is up to par. However, you likely don't have the manpower to do full cleanings on the hour each day when the restaurant is open. Here are some tips for keeping your restaurant clean during the day so that when the janitorial cleaning staff comes, they will be able to focus on deep cleaning.

Four Ways Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Graffiti

Any business in the city knows that graffiti removal can become both tedious and costly. Graffiti artists have a tendency to keep coming back to specific areas -- and the more you erase their work, the more they want to repeat it. If your business is suffering from repeated graffiti attempts, you may want to try these strategies. 1. Beef Up Your Visible Security Graffiti is often a crime of opportunity.

Three Household Projects That Are Easy When You Have An Air Compressor

Renting an air compressor and the necessary attachments at your local tool rental business can be the first step in helping you complete a wide range of projects inside and outside your house. Don't be intimidated by the size of the air compressor and the loud "hiss" sound that it makes. This tool is safe and simple to use, even in the hands of the novice. An air compressor is a valuable tool to rent because of its versatility; whereas some other tools have more specific functions, an air compressor is handy for several projects.

How To Make Your Vintage Poster Business Stand Out During Shipping

Collecting and selling vintage posters is a great side niche business. If you gather a lot of collectible items, you can turn it into a full-fledged business where you can reach customers across the globe. If most of your business is done online and you find yourself shipping a lot of merchandise, then you can take advantage of your packaging to make your business more known in a unique way. Here are ways you can make your vintage poster stand out among the crowd during shipping, where it can be seen by many people who are not customers- yet.

Protecting Your Child's Ceramic Keepsakes When Moving

If you have several ceramic figurines that you display on top of your child's dresser, and you intend to move to a new home soon, chances are you will want to bring along these memorable items so you can enjoy them in the future. There are several steps you should take when packaging ceramics for a move so they do not become shattered while in transit. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your child's figurines arrive at your new home intact.